Authority Patrol

Professionally Licensed Security Provider.

OUr Technology

Authority Patrol is a refined approach to provide security patrol services utilizing state of the art electronic reporting to clients. Service reports are e-mailed daily for clients to see activity and patrols on their property. It also includes photographs of issues detected, such as broken sprinklers, vandalized property, and people encountered that are removed from property or issues dealt with.

We offer an innovative patrol solution that properly documents problems on your property with photographs to indicate problems. This together with the right staff, properly equipped and marked patrol cars, we provide the right service needed to effectively patrol your property.

Having trouble at your property? Homeless, Loitering, Graffiti, Illegal Dumping? Let us help you! Together with our staff and other methods used such as where to install lighting, cameras, physical barriers, and more we can help you deter blight from your property. Clients have a fiduciary duty to take care of problems at their properties. Let us help you!